Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Year 2k16

It's been years I haven't updated this! It's been about three years... well I felt a bit regret for keeping this blog silent... not to mention, there's ton of memories I've got for the last 3 years.. I'm now starting a new year.. that's mean a new start.. new life.. new story.. and of course, a new GOAL... what is actually my goal? *thinking*...

Last month was school holiday... and like usual there's not much to do... nowhere to go... just sitting around at home with two of my brothers... that's when I thought of making something... like things that a related to crafts... so I tried making this..

It's kinda weird... but, I still enjoy doing it... actually, I make that for the purpose to make my school bag look a bit... like colorful... I used some assorted buttons (I found it in a box under my bed and it is my mom's actually) and a felt fabric... It's my first 'project' and I feel proud about it although it's quite simple...

My mom told me to do an online business...selling this along with some other crafts... I've been thinking about this lately... and it's not really a bad idea... so... next time I'll try to make more stuffs... but, also I can't leave my studies... I'm taking SMA, Sijil Menengah Agama, this year and a really big exam next year, SPM, Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia... Having fun is one option and study is the second option, and if we combined them both... Having fun while studying.... kui3 "tolong doakan saya"

Monday, February 11, 2013

Cool @Genting Highland

....Genting Highland, here I come!!!....

Waiting for the french toast
 to be served

On last Sunday,  my family and I went to Genting Highland in Pahang. We went there to ride the cable cars. It was very amazing. My father bought the tickets at the first floor while my mother and I wait at the line on the second floor. But we went to the peak using shutter bus because, the line for riding the cable car was very long.
Can you see how thick the fog is?

We were told that it would take more than 2 hours just for waiting for our turn to ride the cable car. It was very cold up there. At the peak we went to a restaurant and ate some french toast and hot milo. After that we went to some kind of garden. There was a maize, too. The flowers were very beautiful. There was a theme park there but we didn't go inside because the ticket are expensive. We just hang around and bought some cookies at Famous Amos. Around 3 pm we went down by a cable car since not much people in the que. It was scary at the moment but its ok after 2 to 3 minutes. The view was very very amazing. We went home late in the evening.

Here are some more photos....

My brothers and I
Inside the shutter bus
This french toast is extremely delicious
we again
I love this view.. from the peak

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Thank to all of u who read my blog....I'm sorry again for not writing any story yet...

   And today, I'm writing my story at KIDZANIA. First thing, what is KidZania? Kidzania ia like a new world where cool kids live. That is what kidzania means. There are some characters in Kidzania like Chika, Vita, Bepop, Bache and Urbano. The currency in Kidzania is different than other places. They are called Kidzos. There are many places that is like a real world BUT it is for kids only. Parents are also welcome, too. First thing we went inside is to buy the tickets, of course. And then we get free fifty Kidzos. There are two session in weekend and one session in weekday. If  you are interested and want to learn more about Kidzania please kindly visit the websites-

   The first job we went is the construction sides. And of course I forgot to mention that it is not only me who went there, there are two of my cousins and my brother. Ok, continue the story... we went there to build a wall out of  bricks(not real bricks). It was fun although is was for kids. We get our salary which is eight Kidzos. And then we went to the magic studio. We perform magic tricks. First we practice and then we have to show to to the audience in the theaters. First It was scary, because I have to perform alone. The rest they have to perform by partners. Next we went to school of x where we each got a handphone(not for real) and take the picture of the signboard that is on the list given. We also got a book.  After all the tired job we have done, we went to take a break at a factory, which we make vitagen. There are so many other factory such as Oreo Cookie factory, Cadbury Chocolate factory, Vitamins factory and Mini Melts Ice Cream factory. But we can't went to all of them because of the long line. If we want to go to any factory there we have to pay with the Kidzos. It depends on the prices. Oh the fun part, we went to arts and crafts(Stabilo) studio. We color the given bookmark we choose using the color pencils. The last thing we went is at the Sony Photo Lab. It is where we have to edit our own picture and print it. We went to only six places because of the time limit and of course they are so many people. I wish I could go there again next year. :) I also keep the money I've got. We can make the CIMB Bank card that is used ONLY in Kidzania. Where you can keep the money you've got in the bank. But it cost RM20. I want to tell you that the places is depends on the things you do. Some of the places we got salary, and some of the places, we used Kidzos where we get after doing jobs. To anyone who want to go to Kidzania, good luck and have fun!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Field Trip!

Hi again to all of you. I haven't  wrote anything for a long time and that's because I was busy with my school thing...... This time I'm going to write how's my field trip  goes. Enjoy..

  Last three days my school had organized a field trip to the Planetrium, Aquaria and Muzium Kesenian Islam. But the places were changed to Aquaria and Pusat Sains Negara.This field trip is for grade 5 and 6 but my brother was there too :) . It took about half an hour to reach to Aquaria. When we reach Aquaria we all wait outside because it opens at 10:00 a.m. At 10:00 we went inside and saw many fishes, all kinds of colorful fishes. We were very excited and took many pictures. Other than fishes there is also other animal like gliding cecko, forest cockroach, turtle, snake, big mouse, all the species of butterfly and bugs and etc. There is a feeding show at 11:30. We watch it and it was really cute. Two men are feeding the fishes. After that we went to level two to buy souvenirs. I bought a key chain and a bookmark. It cost RM 7.80. After that we went to Masjid Negara. We went there for praying and eating. The food is delicious. Ohh, the time I was waiting for is going to Pusat Sains Negara! I can't wait to see all the cool stuff. It WAS really fun. Many pictures were taken. It was really a memorable day. We went back to school at 5:00

Friday, October 5, 2012

Bagan Lalang Extreme

Hi kawan-kawan, tau tak.. minggu lepas saya dan keluarga pergi berkelah di Bagan Lalang untuk melepaskan penat selepas belajar. Bukan sahaja keluarga saya je yang pergi malah dua orang sepupu saya pun ikut sekali. Kami berasa sangat seronok dapat bermandi-manda di pantai. Pertama sekali kami sampai, kami makan tengah hari yang emak saya bekal dari rumah. Lepas tu..... barulah berseronok! Saya dan sepupu saya membuat istana daripada pasir di tepi pantai. Tapi, kami tidak membuatnya menggunakan peralatanya, kami hanya meggunakan cawan plastik dari rumah (sebenarnya cawan plastik itu digunakan untuk minum).

Istana pasir in the making

Aktiviti seterusnya ialah MANDI! sambil mandi di pantai, kami duduk di atas batu yang besar dan menunggu ombak datang. Kami berasa gembira dapat bermandi di situ. Malam itu kami makan malam di sebuah restoran di tepi pantai. Masakan di situ amat sedap. Kami bertolak selepas selesai solat maghrib. teramat!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Raining Flowers!!

Yesterday me and my family went to a festival flowers at Putrajaya. We went there at 3:40 p.m. There are many kind of flowers, big shape, small shape, tiny small, oval, circle, square and many more . Some of them have a unique designs too. They used the flowers to make a flowers art in a difference form and shape. It was very beautiful and creative.

Bakau fence, babah want to build this fence at our back yard later.
They even sell the flowers. One of them sell a picture made of a real flowers. I bought a bookmark and a key chain which is made from a compressed flowers.

 A lot of event there but couldn't visit all because already 7pm, we have to leave and went to the Taman Warisan food court for our dinner.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Program ke UM

Hi kawan-kawan, nak tau tak? besok saya akan pergi ke UM. Tau tak UM tu apa? UM tu Universiti Malaya! WOW, best kan....? Kat situ sekolah saya ada buat program cara-cara atau teknik menjawab soalan-soalan UPSR. Nanti saya akan hadapi ye..

Kat situ bukan sahaja ada teknik menjawab soalan, malah ada aktiviti-aktiviti menarik juga...Satu daripadanya ialah cabutan bertuah.

Macam-Macam lagi yang menarik akan berlangsung di situ. Tak sabarnya nak ke situ...okeylah disini sahaja kita berakhir jumpa lagi nanti ye! Bye-Bye :D